In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, the ability to craft distinct and influential brands has never been more critical. Extensive research consistently demonstrates that robust, unique brands not only trigger consumer predisposition for purchase but also foster unwavering brand loyalty, sustain premium pricing, and fortify businesses against economic downturns.

And at the core of strong and successful brands are well-thought-through brand positioning statements.

This self-administered course will allow you to become an expert at developing compelling brand positioning strategies. It will provide you with the knowhow, process, templates and the many real-life examples you’ll need to develop a brand positioning confidently, lead your team or clients through a positioning development process, and ultimately help build better and more successful brands.

Who is this course for?

  1. Brand managers & marketing directors
  2. Strategists across disciplines (advertising, design, digital, etc.)
  3. Freelancers, both creative and strategic
  4. Both juniors and seniors

The methodology

The methodology taught in this course is based on the awarded and best-selling "Brand Positioning Workbook: A Simple How-To Guide To More Compelling Brand Positionings, Faster." This workbook has been hailed as "undoubtedly the finest resource on brand positioning since the pioneering work of Ries & Trout many years ago."

I am confident that upon completing this course, you will know more about developing positioning strategies than 95% of your peers in the marketing community. And you'll never be at a loss for ideas and solutions on how to create relevance and differentiation for your brand (s). Or you’ll get your money back.


Module 1: What is a brand? 

Module 2: What is a brand positioning?

Module 3: Brand positioning frameworks

A little tip from the frontlines

Module 4 The brand analysis framework

Module 5: Targeting 

Module 6: Setting Objectives

Module 7: Demystifying insights

Module 8: 26 sources of brand associations & insights

Module 9: 9 ways to frame your brand

Module 10: 7 ways to connect with your consumers

Module 11: 10 ways to tell your brand story

Module 12: How to use the 26 sources of associations when alone & in a group

Tips on how to manage difficult groups & the loudest voice in the workshop

Module 13: Examples of brand positioning statements & how to evaluate them

Module 14: Watch-outs and mistakes when positioning a brand

Module 15: Concluding thoughts 


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  • Learn at your own pace
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I just finished Ulli’s course and found it very informative and well presented. I am an experienced brand and marketing strategist yet still learned a huge amount. The content is very thorough and well structured and includes a lot of good examples that illustrate the theory. Ulli is very clear in his delivery and each unit is nicely paced. I did the course over three days but I would suggest other students take it at a slower pace to give them a chance to act on some of the lessons before moving on to the next unit - there is just so much good material in there. Whatever your level of expertise in brand positioning I would highly recommend you take Ulli’s course.

Mark Simmons, brand strategist and author of Punk Marketing: Get Off Your Ass and Join the Revolution, and The Business Playground: Where Creativity and Commerce Collide, USA

Science and craft of brand positioning development is a simple yet effective course that teaches the basics of positioning that every business-minded person should know. The course was refreshing, and I am excited to have taken it.

Oreoluwa Aderinkomi, strategist, UK

Hi, I’m Ulli

I am an award-winning and seasoned marketing and brand strategy consultant. I have held senior strategy roles in Europe and the U.S.A. at some of the leading advertising agencies in the world, including BBDO, Leo Burnett, Fallon Worldwide, and SapientNitro, before starting my own brand research and strategy firm First-The-trousers-Then-The-Shoes Inc. (www.first-the-trousers.com)

I have contributed to 7 Effies and an ARF (Advertising Research Federation) Ogilvy award for Excellence in Research, and my insights and strategies have helped build brands including Wrigley/Mars, Harley Davidson, Hallmark, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Unilever, Hallmark, Symantec, Siemens, Flexera, Anchore, Double Good, Cyber Risk Alliance, Post Consumer Brands, Land O Lakes in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US.

I am the author of the award-winning “ The Brand Positioning Workbook: A Simple How-To Guide To More Compelling Brand Positionings, Faster” and the creator of the best-selling “ Positioning Development Method Cards” and “Aha!, The Ultimate Insight Generation Toolkit”, already used by tens of thousands of marketers and strategists around the world.

I created the book, the method cards, and now this online course because I saw a gap in the market. In fact, there is no comprehensive and affordable training publicly available that teaches the fundamentals of brand positioning and brand positioning development and gives you a hands-on methodology on how to create strong, compelling and business-building brand positioning platforms. Sure, there are lots of opinions and self-promoting content out there, but nothing substantial, and really valuable. Until now.


While this online course is based on the methodology described in the award-winning "Brand Positioning Workbook," it contains valuable additional material not included in the book:

  1. A module on targeting
  2. A module on objectives setting
  3. A module on insights, what they are and how to find them
  4. A module on how to use the 26 sources of brand associations when alone or in a group
  5. A module analyzing and critiquing 4 different brand positioning statements to help you understand what to look for and how to assess whether a positioning is good or not.

Not quite ready for the course? Check out my award-winning book instead!

Maybe you want to check out the book first and see what this methodology is all about. Then click here